Outsmart the predictions

Bruxelles Mobilité is tackling driving under the influence. A second degree campaign that hijacks sports betting codes targets young people and recalls that, whatever the means of travel, driving under the influence (drugs and alcohol) is fatal.

It’s summer, restaurants are reopening, we can finally see our friends and celebrate our reunion. It is the moment to remember that it is not acceptable to hit the road again after having a drink or smoked a joint, whether you come back by car, bike or scooter!

Alcohol and/or drugs play a role in 13% of serious accidents (with fatalities and serious injuries) in Brussels. 

The campaign is geared towards young people (18-30), all modes, and drugs + alcohol, with a focus on laughing gas (nitrous oxide). In fact, in Brussels, 18-30 year olds represent 27% of serious injuries and road deaths.”

Find more from Bruxelles Mobilité (Belgium, June 2021)

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