Parents are the #1 reason kids choose not to drink

“Parents Empowered is a statewide underage drinking prevention campaign focused on parents, who are the number one reason kids don’t drink.

Studies show that if your child thinks you would view their drinking underage as very wrong, there’s a very small chance they will drink – only about three percent.

But if your child perceives you would only view it as wrong or a little wrong, the likelihood dramatically increase, up to 37 percent of kids opting to drink. (Utah Student Health and Risk Prevention Study, 2019).”

Read further from Fox13 (USA, June 2021)

“When parents take the time to have frequent and meaningful conversations with their kids, it builds trust and strengthens relationships. Kids who feel close to their parents are much more likely to listen when their parents set clear rules to protect their health and safety.

Parenting tops peer pressure

In fact, that’s why it’s so important to remain involved. Most children naturally become more independent as they mature. It’s a normal part of development. Yet parental involvement drops by half between the 6th and 12th grades when kids need their parents’ help most to stay alcohol-free.4 While parents may feel their kids are no longer listening to their advice, their kids are reporting just the opposite. Parents are the No. 1 influence in their child’s life and in their decisions regarding alcohol, too.”

Visit Parents Empowered to learn more

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