Why Finland doesn´t drink?

“In Finland, people know how to drink and drinking alcohol is an integral part of our culture. More than 85% of the adult population use alcohol, but as many as 60% of young people are sober. Culture is changing and we decided to find out why Finland does NOT drink. What are the reasons for non-drinking and how is it created in our drinking culture when we ourselves do not want to drink?”

Find more from BuenoTalk (Finland, June 2021). BuenoTalk is part of EHYT ry

This video is in Finnish, but you can enable subtitles (CC) and then choose Auto-translate from Settings.

“More and more people, especially young people, are beginning to realize that drinking is not the norm. You can party without alcohol and the fun can be sober. Sobriety is of more interest to young people and many bars have realized it. How many bars offered non-alcoholic drinks 20 years ago? Maybe in a few, but nowadays they are already available much more often.”

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