Through Different Eyes

““Through Different Eyes” has been developed with the knowledge that evidence shows that individuals with a neurodevelopmental disorder such as FASD who receive appropriate support at an early age will have better long-term outcomes than those whose disability goes unrecognised and unsupported. Intervention is most effective in the early years because this is a critical period of childhood development. If neurodevelopmental disorders are recognised early, tailored interventions can be undertaken at that time to support a child and provide them with a solid platform for their ongoing development.

Those working within the early childhood education and care sector play a significant and vital role in supporting children and families as they navigate their way through the first years of life. NOFASD Australia and Early Childhood Australia have, in partnership, developed a comprehensive suite of resources designed to offer early childhood professionals research-based strategies designed to meet the diverse needs of children with FASD.”

Find more from NOFASD Australia (Australia, 2022) and find the resources from Early Childhood Australia

Professor Elizabeth Elliott on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

The following video shows paediatrician Professor Elizabeth Elliott discussing some of the diagnosis pathways and characteristics of FASD and what Educators need to know about FASD.

Families sharing stories of lived experiences

My lived experience with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder at school

This video is of an actor reading a story of lived experience from a parent who has a child with FASD.

What the diagnosis meant for us

This video is of an actor reading a story of lived experiences from a parent who has a child with FASD.

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