Let’s change the way we look at it: Alcohol is not fun

November 15 was the World Alcohol Free Day, a date established by the World Health Organization (WHO) in which it is intended to raise awareness among the population about the damage caused by alcohol consumption.

The Network of Community Prevention Units on Addictive Behaviour (UPCCA) of the Valencian Community, of which Dénia is a member, has launched a campaign for this day focused especially on young people and taking into account the gender perspective. The message is “Let’s change the way we look at it. Alcohol is not fun”.

The consumption of alcohol from an early age is a social practice that is permitted and even demanded in certain social initiation circles. Families must be made responsible for the importance of education at home, raising their awareness as they teach young people about the dangers associated with alcohol consumption.

In Spain, young people do not perceive risk in the use of alcohol, and its consumption is not considered to be very dangerous compared to other substances. Scientific evidence indicates that when this occurs: the perception of risk, tolerance towards its consumption and ease of access are low, and the prevalence of consumption soars.”

Find more from UPCCA (Spain, November 2022)

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