Out in a boat this summer?

“On average, one out of four people killed in recreational boating accidents has a blood alcohol level. According to the Accident Investigation Board of Norway, every fifth fatal accident is caused by a fall between a boat and a bridge. And the accidents are often characterised by the victim having been under the influence of alcohol.

When we drink, we become more impulsive, more risk-taking, and we react more aggressively. This makes alcohol and boating a very bad combination. But even when we have docked the boat, alcohol can cause trouble for us. Alcohol affects balance and coordination and makes it easier to make mistakes when you’re getting into a boat to sleep, after a slightly too long and damp evening at the bridge.

A sea of options
You do not have to compromise on taste when choosing non-alcoholic. It has never been easier or better to find non-alcoholic alternatives.

Here are some alternatives you can try on board this summer:
# St. Hallvards Zero Stress Rhubarb Lemonade
It’s easy to get thirsty from salt water and sea air. Here’s a sparkling drink with a taste of citrus and rhubarb. A fresh and good alternative for the boat trip, and an extra twist of lemon for your meal if you’re bringing seafood on board.

#Sparkling elderflower
A fresh and lively cider with a distinct taste of elderflower and apple. This non-alcoholic cider is suitable both as an aperitif, but also for shellfish and light salads.

#Absolute Zero Nectar Chardonnay
A non-alcoholic sparkling wine in a can that goes well with summer food. Perfect for you who care about the environment, because it is packed in climate-smart packaging.”

Find more from Vinmonopolet (Norway, July 2022)

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