We are under the Influence of Music

“For the 18th time, the National Board of Health, Roskilde Festival and Dansk Live have joined forces against drugs and drinking at festivals and venues. Because it has to be the music that moves and brings us closer together. It must be the community and the experiences we get together when we stand for the concert out there in the field, on the beach, in the woods or in the dark with our arms in the air and the music around us that influences us and makes us want more. Not alcohol. Not drugs. That is why this year we say that: WE ARE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF MUSIC.”

Find more from Against Drugs (Denmark, 2022)

Everyone has the right to say no, but sometimes it can be difficult. Here are three tips to make it easier for you to say no to drugs, tobacco and alcohol and have your answer respected.

    Stop and notice. What feelings do you have in your body? Are you insecure, nervous or scared? Do you feel pressured? If you have a bad feeling in your body, it is a sign that you need to say no.
    The other person may not know how you feel. That’s why you need to say it. Tell yourself first: “This is my decision and I expect it to be respected”. Then clearly say no. Often you can just say: “No, I don’t want to do that”. Be honest, don’t make excuses.
    You don’t have to defend yourself. You have the right to say no without giving reasons. It’s easier to stick to your decision when you don’t have to explain a lot.”

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