Getting Your Energy Back with Emily Turnball

“If alcohol, sugar or food are your go to after a hard day at work and you’d like to break that habit, check out this short clip from a previous podcast episode with Emily Turnbull.”

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SHORTS 08 | The Quality of Honesty with Jim Kouzes The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast

In these ‘Shorts’ episodes of my podcast, I’ll be selecting my favourite moments from previous episodes. This one comes from Episode 64 with Jim Kouzes, an experienced executive and co-author of ‘The Leadership Challenge’ . In this clip, he talks about why honesty is the most important quality as a leader – and what this looks like practically.  FREE RESOURCES Ben’s FREE 10-4-10 Leadership Programme: (  Ben’s website: (  LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE HERE (    SHOW LINKS Buy the Leadership Challenge on Amazon: (    The Leadership Challenge Website: (    Mentioned in this episode: Quick one before you go: To support International Youth Day on 12th August, my team and I have created a new Emerging Leaders Programme for the under 25s. I'm offering this programme at a heavily discounted rate between the 8th – 19th of August 2022. For an investment of between £9.99 and £19.99 (dependant on the number of licences), you can set your under-25s on the path to leadership success in the future and increase their personal effectiveness today. You can find out more via the link here:, then contact me on to enrol your team in the programme.
  1. SHORTS 08 | The Quality of Honesty with Jim Kouzes
  2. A Leadership Smorgasbord
  3. SHORTS 07 | The Bigger Picture with General David Petraeus
  4. Jonathan Reynolds | A More Mindful Approach to Leadership
  5. SHORTS 06 | Embracing Vulnerability with Debbie Cohen and Kate Roeske-Zummer

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