Remember that cold water kills

“The cold weather is filled with Christmas lunches, party and colours. A new campaign encourages us to take good care of each other so we avoid tragic drowning accidents.

“Take care of your boys – when the party ends”, is the message in a new campaign, which the East Jutland Fire Brigade and Aarhus Municipality launched. The goal is to get people involved in the nightlife to pay attention to one another so that everyone goes home safely.

We would like to have everyone safely home after a festive trip in the city. We do this best by taking care of each other and not letting very drunk friends and acquaintances go out alone at night. Too many times in recent years, people have come too close to the water in the harbor. So it’s a clear call to take care of each other and follow home when the party ends.

Bünyamin Simsek, Councilor for Technology and the Environment

The campaign is primarily aimed at young men between the ages of 18 and 29, as they are most often the ones who fall into the water on the way home from a party or a city trip.”

Find more from Aarhus Municipality (Denmark, December 2021)

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