Always plan a safe ride home

“This month, police and SGI are shining the light on impaired driving as part of the Traffic Safety Spotlight. And as part of the spotlight, SGI asks everyone to consider why it’s essential to always to plan a sober ride home.

This stat alone should be enough to convince you that it’s never okay to drive impaired: last holiday season (Dec. 1, 2020- Jan. 3, 2021), three people were killed, and 44 people were injured as a result of impaired driving-related collisions in Saskatchewan.

So, it’s time to have a conversation with our loved ones about the dangers of impaired driving. To get things started, SGI talked to a few of our friends and received video messages from notable names, including community leaders, athletes, and entertainers.

SGI’s Chief Operating Officer of the Auto Fund, Penny McCune, shared her sentiments,

“I always make sure that I plan a safe ride home because I care about the people in our community. Through education and awareness, SGI is committed to making Saskatchewan roads safer. Impaired driving deaths and injuries are preventable. So please, join me in always making the right choice this holiday season.”

Find more from SGI Saskatchewan driver’s licensing and vehicle registration (Canada, December 2021)

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