Limits save lives

“The real-life impact of traffic collisions is being laid bare in a hard-hitting campaign in Greater Manchester, featuring bereaved parents and emergency services staff. 

As part of the ‘It’s Time’ campaign, the Safer Roads Partnership is calling on motorists to think differently about how they drive and the journeys they are going to make, before getting behind the wheel. 

In a series of videos, it puts the spotlight on how dangerous acts, such as speeding or driving under the influence of alcohol, have far-reaching consequences by telling the real-life stories of the people affected. 

PC John Durham, Family Liaison Officer at Greater Manchester Police, said: “The dangerous things you do when driving, whether that is driving at speed or with alcohol and drugs, it all adds to the chances of something going wrong.  

Scott Barry-Godsell, Firefighter at Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service, commented: “No drink for the road is what we say. The smallest amount of alcohol can have a massive impact on the decisions you make, a split-second decision can have a lifetime of consequences.”  

Read further from Tameside Radio

Visit Limits save lives (UK, September 2021)

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