6 scary ways alcohol damages the brain

“If you drink alcohol, have you ever noticed how that first drink can make you loosen up a little, and after the second one, you’re practically a stand-up comedian? But… a little while later, your tongue starts getting heavy, you trip over your own feet, and that person across the room you thought might be interested in you is clearly unimpressed. Then the next day you wake up bleary-eyed and thirsty, with a pounding headache.

Sounds like fun…NOT!

How Alcohol Plays Tricks on the Brain and Mind
As soon as you start sipping alcohol, it enters your bloodstream and moves through your organs. And, because it’s in your blood, it can cross the blood brain barrier and get into your brain cells, where it starts to affect your thoughts, emotions, movements, and sensory functions.

Many people find that having a few drinks helps them to unwind and become more social, which is why after an hour or so of drinking most people become more animated. It’s not so much that their hidden personalities have emerged, rather it has much more to do with how alcohol plays tricks on the brain and makes us think differently and do things we might not normally do.”

Read further from Amen Clinics (USA, 2021)

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