Alcoholism – The deadly truth about its stigma

“In a deeply personal talk, Sarah Drage shares why she believes the stigma attached to alcoholism killed her Dad. Challenging society’s current stereotype against alcoholism by drawing from her family’s lived experience, Sarah’s story is powerful, hard-hitting and emotive, and certainly gives her audience something to think about. Her aim? To break down the stigma attached to alcoholism and empower alcoholics to recover openly and freely, rather than shaming them into silence and anonymity.

Sarah Drage is the founder and CEO of the charitable organisation WarriorKind. She is a devoted daughter on a mission to quash the stigmas attached to mental illnesses. After losing her Dad in 2017 to alcoholism, Sarah leveraged her own lived experiences of loss, anxiety, OCD & PTSD, and channelled her trauma into founding the mental health support organisation WarriorKind, where encouraging healthy conversations around mental wellbeing is core in their mission to breaking down stigmas and supporting their community.”

Find more about WarriorKind and visit TEDx (UK, June 2021)

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