Traveling exhibition “ZERO!”

“The first ten months of a baby, how it develops and becomes a viable person, is very special.
Experience this development up close. Experience pregnancy from the child’s point of view!

Seeing, feeling, hearing – how does the child experience its first ten months in the mother’s womb?

Find out what effects alcohol can have on your unborn child during pregnancy. Understand what it means for your child to suffer the consequences for a lifetime.

What many do not know: Not only the regular consumption of alcohol harms the baby, the exceptional glass in the evening at a small party can also have serious consequences that the unborn child has to struggle with for a lifetime.

With the traveling exhibition “Zero!” The FASD-Netzwerk Nordbayern eV has designed an exhibition that can convey exactly that to you. The Federal Ministry of Health and the Techniker Krankenkasse funded the project. Further supporters are the Youth Art School Erlangen and the Medical Society for Health Promotion.”

Finf more from FASD Netzwerk Nordbayern e.V. (Germany, 2021)

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