“Since September, the Walloon Agency for Road Safety (AWSR) Backsafe label has been offered to Walloon clubs affiliated to the Association of Francophone Football Clubs (ACFF).

The aim is to encourage them to implement road safety initiatives, in particular, to combat driving under the influence of alcohol. To this end, information and awareness tools have been specially created and made available to affiliated clubs. The agreement linking AWSR and ACFF has been officially signed on November 6th, 2019.

The BackSafe label is a road safety label awarded by AWSR to organizers of festive events or establishments that take initiatives to encourage the safe and secure return home of their customers.

The Parents fair-play label was put in place by the ACFF to fight aggressive behaviour around the grounds and create a community of fair play parents and a sense of belonging to it.

ACFF and AWSR have decided to join forces to pool their efforts to raise awareness of responsible alcohol consumption in Walloon and German-speaking affiliated football clubs.

This season, 23 clubs took part in the pilot project. Everyone has appointed a “Backsafe Referent” who, at the beginning of the season, attends to an alcohol awareness training. As a result, these clubs have signed a charter through which it commits to take initiatives to promote the safe return home for their members.”

Find more about it from AWSR (Belgium, November 2019)

More about the The Parents fair-play label:

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