Grey Matters: Alcohol and the brain

“Grey hairs, wrinkles and the middle-age spread will come to us all – as will worse hangovers. As part of the ageing process our bodies no longer process alcohol so well. One reason for this is having more body fat, which is less able to breakdown alcohol.

Alcohol and the brain
As anyone who has ever had an alcoholic drink will know, alcohol can make you chattier, more relaxed, but also less coherent. It slows your mental and physical reactions and reduces your ability to think, reason and remember. That’s why it’s never a good idea to have alcohol before undertaking any potentially dangerous task – including driving, of course.

These short-term symptoms generally pass once the effects of the alcohol wear off, but long-term heavy drinking can bring about serious changes in our brains.

Dr Julia Lewis, a Consultant Psychiatrist from Aneurin Bevan University Health Board in Wales gives a summary of how alcohol affects the brain.”

Find more from Drink Wise Age Well (UK, November 2019)

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