Arrive home safely

During the 2023 Carnival in Porto Alegre, the educational message from DetranRS was multiplied with the presence of Balada Segura on the avenue. Specifically, Balada Segura was present at Porto Seco, delivering the important message “Arrive home safely” during the parade of samba schools. DetranRS staff passed through with the Balada vehicle and a banner on the nights of March 3rd and 4th, reminding everyone not to mix alcohol and driving.

The Autarchy’s campaign video was broadcasted on the screen near the drumming section. The campaign aimed to remind people of the importance of planning ahead to arrive home safely after the festivities. The video emphasized that it is possible to have fun safely without putting lives at risk.

Traffic education spread through the social media accounts of the participating schools in the Porto Alegre Carnival, with the sharing of DetranRS campaign materials. Overall, the 2023 Carnival in Porto Alegre saw the successful implementation of DetranRS’s campaign to promote safe driving and reduce the risks associated with drunk driving.

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