Colorful instead of blue

“Many boys and girls still drink until the doctor comes. Around 8,280 girls and boys between the ages of ten and 17 were admitted to German hospitals with alcohol poisoning in 2021. This is shown by the figures of the DAK Health Children and Youth Report. Although this was about three percent less overall than in the previous year – there was an increase of almost seven percent in the age range of ten to 14-year-olds. The figures show that the issue is still important.

Against this background, “bunt statt blau” (colourful instead of blue) sets an example against alcohol abuse among children and young people throughout Germany: now and in the future.

This year, DAK-Gesundheit is once again looking for pictures with clear messages against binge drinking. Individual participants and teams aged 12 to 17 can take part – even if they are not insured with DAK-Gesundheit.

The campaign “bunt statt blau” will take place for the 14th time in 2023. Since the start of “bunt statt blau” in 2010, a total of around 122,000 pupils between the ages of twelve and 17 have designed creative posters against excessive binge drinking.”

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