Can You Beat the Stigma?

“Think you understand what causes addiction? Challenge what you know and play Beat the Stigma for yourself:

Stigma isn’t a game. Addiction is a disease. Watch as contestants compete to bust the myths and stigmas that surround mental health and addiction.

No one chooses to develop a substance use disorder. Many of the underlying causes of addiction are influenced by factors that are outside one’s control.”

Find more from Beat the Stigma (USA, November 2021)

2 thoughts on “Can You Beat the Stigma?

  1. This Family History commercial is the stupidest commercial! If the preexisting condition is family history, then an individual can’t do anything about their parent’s choices. Stop blaming people for their parent’s choices. The responsibility is ALL individual choices. (Why don’t siblings exhibit the same behavior?)

    What an annoyance, what a waste of money. What stupidity.


  2. Your campaign is going to be destructive to society. It is not a stigma to say that is personal choice to not be addicted to something. It is ALL personal choice. For example alcoholism runs in my family and my little brother turned out to be an alcoholic but alcohol makes me sick. Get your facts straight. It’s all individual choice.


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