Zero alcohol goal

“On the occasion of World Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness Day on September 9, Addiction Suisse launched an information campaign to call on the population to actively support an alcohol-free pregnancy. This is in fact the only sure way to avoid alcohol-related disorders in children.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy carries health risks for the unborn child. Current scientific knowledge does not make it possible to define a threshold below which consumption would have no negative effects or a period of pregnancy during which it would not have harmful consequences on the embryo or the fetus. Experts therefore recommend giving up alcohol as soon as a pregnancy is planned and during it. This is indeed the safest choice to avoid alcohol-related damage in children.

The information campaign launched by Addiction Suisse calls for the joint promotion of an alcohol-free pregnancy and provides practical advice to future parents.

  • The new website, available in three languages, raises awareness of health risks and gives advice to future parents to achieve the zero alcohol goal.
  • A handy leaflet provides useful tips for quitting alcohol for pregnant women and those around them.
  • An Internet campaign completes the information campaign.”

Find more from Addiction Suisse (Switzerland, September 2021)

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