Stop Drinking

In social media, a 20 year old Thailand´s anti-alcohol ad has resurfaced and it´s been picked up by Australian media.

“The ad is called “Stop Drinking” and, as raw as it is, people are calling it a powerful message – albeit two decades on – to cut back on the booze.

The spot recently found a second wind on YouTube and is now edging towards seven-million views.

According to the 30-second video, the way to quit drinking is, “Stop drinking, Work, Work, Work, Collect Money, Work, Collect Money, Pay Debt, Work, Collect Money, Get Educated, Stable Life, Help Others, Happy, Wife Loves Him, Happy Family, Healthy, Teach Others, Improve Social, Smart, Improve His Country, Just Stop Drinking!”

And social media users are loving the reborn spot. “I don’t even want to drink water after seeing this,” commented one.”

Read further from Bandt (Australia, 2021)

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