“I did not listen to my specialist when he told me to stop drinking”

A woman named Trina Beil recently caught the attention of over 13 million people on TikTok when she posted this video:


I have an appointment with the Hepatologist August 11th..

♬ original sound – Trina Beil

In the video, she says, “Hi, guys. This is not food in my stomach. I’m Trina, an alcoholic addict. I’ve been clean off meth almost two years, and I’m four and a half months sober. I did not listen to my specialist when he told me to stop drinking or I’d have huge liver problems, and — here we are. I got a report yesterday that is not good,” reports BuzzFeed.

Read further from BuzzFeed (July 2021)

“Trina is currently suffering from severe liver damage and will likely be in need of a liver transplant. Her enlarged stomach has been diagnosed as hepatomegaly, which is the excessive swelling or enlargement of the liver that occurs after long-standing excessive alcohol consumption.”

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