Tips for teen parents about teens and alcohol

“Research shows that the teenager drinks less and more considerately when the parents set clear rules about alcohol. It is therefore a good idea to talk to your child about alcohol.

In a new Ipsos survey for children and young people conducted by the Blue Cross, 73% of children and young people report that they talk most to mum and dad when they are having difficulty. 69% of young people also want their parents to have clear and distinct boundaries when it comes to alcohol.

Nevertheless, less than half report that they have talked to their parents about the rules that apply. The reason for this is that alcohol is still a taboo topic and many parents do not know how to talk to their child about the topic.

It is common to think that it is what friends do that is most important. Studies actually show that when it comes to alcohol, it is the parents who are the most important influencing factor.

So lucky are we parents! We have a unique position to influence our children and push them in the right direction. But it can be experienced as easier said than done.

The good news is that some of today’s youth may be drinking less and making their debut later than before. They also listen more to their parents than we did in our youth.

Despite a positive trend, there are still many negative incidents related to youth drunkenness. It is not the case that Norwegian teenagers have stopped drinking. Teenagers are inexperienced with alcohol and are therefore extra vulnerable when they drink.

It is therefore important that we parents talk to the teenager about alcohol. Dare to set clear rules about alcohol. Children with “stubborn” parents drink less.”

Find more from Blue Cross Norway (Norway, 2021)

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