You do have a spine

“More than 10 drunk road users die and more than 20 drunk people drown in Estonia every year. These numbers could be much lower if more people showed the spine and intervened before it is too late.

The start of the summer holidays and the easing of restrictions inadvertently lead to the feeling that you can now finally relax. This is one of those moments when the mood is high and the sense of danger is just as low. Alcohol can make even the most prudent person take risks, which he later regrets.

Studies have shown that alcohol has an effect on a person’s risk behavior. This can result in trauma or death to oneself or others. Drowning, falling into the water and driving while drunk are the main reasons.

“You have a spine” means that you are aware of the effects of alcohol, which makes a person take unnecessary risks and overestimate their abilities. “You have a spine” means that you have enough confidence to say “no” to the next drink in the company to get home safely or to stop a drunk friend who has the energy to run into the water or sit behind the wheel. There is a turning point in every story if we can prevent an accident by showing our spine.

Finf more from (Estonia, June 2021)

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