I won’t drink to that

The campaign that challenges Kiwis to give up alcohol for the month of July while raising funds for people affected by cancer is back for another year. Are you ready for Dry July 2021?

Going alcohol-free for a month is a small sacrifice to help improve the lives of people affected by cancer – but it’s a sacrifice that 44,000 Kiwis have been inspired to take since 2012, when the Dry July campaign first arrived in New Zealand, now having raised over $6 million to support cancer patients, their families and carers.

“Off the back of a challenging 12 months, we are once again asking all New Zealanders to raise money for our beneficiaries this Dry July – organisations who need our support now more than ever,” says Katie Evans, CEO of Dry July NZ Trust.

“Being ‘dry’ for the month of July doesn’t mean you have to miss out on social events – hence our 2021 catch phrase “I won’t drink to that!”, she says. “We want to highlight that people are allowed to not drink, while continuing to give them a way to celebrate and say ‘cheers’.”

Now strongly solidified as a part of Kiwi culture, Dry July 2021 will continue to support cancer charities Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ, Bowel Cancer NZ and Look Good Feel Better in 2021, as well as newly recognised beneficiary PINC & STEEL, who have a focus on cancer rehab physiotherapy.

All funds raised from Dry July 2021 will go to these four beneficiaries, helping them to continue specific, targeted programmes within their organisations to improve the lives of those affected by cancer. According to Clare O’Higgins, General Manager of Look Good Feel Better, that’s what makes Dry July so special.

“Each year, Dry July funds give us the ability to extend our services in new ways. In 2020, for example, the money Kiwis raised through Dry July allowed Look Good Feel Better to facilitate online classes for men, which is an entirely new audience for us. Men struggle with confidence during cancer treatment in many of the same ways women do, and Dry July funds allowed us to begin outreach to them.”

Other targeted programmes made possible through Dry July funds include Prost-FIT, an exercise programme designed specifically for men who have had, or are having, ongoing treatment for prostate cancer, as well as a bowel cancer specialist nurse for those undergoing bowel cancer treatment.

2021’s newly named beneficiary, PINC & STEEL, are a team of fully qualified cancer rehab physiotherapists helping to guide and rehabilitate Kiwis through every stage of

their treatment and recovery. Having assisted thousands of people to date, PINC & STEEL know that cancer treatments are tough, but are passionate about minimising side effects and encouraging the best quality of life possible.

Although Dry July participation is primarily about helping others, the individual health benefits can’t be ignored. Increased energy levels, weight loss, a better night’s sleep, more productivity, and a clearer head are just a few of the positive results you might see throughout the month.

Having a team to support you during Dry July makes all the difference, so reach out to your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours and join a Dry July team together, or fly solo with an individual campaign. Either way, every dollar you make will directly benefit the lives of those affected by cancer across the country – a disease that has touched all our lives in some way.

To sign up, sponsor a friend, join as a team or for more information, please visit www.dryjuly.co.nz.

For updates, follow Dry July on FacebookInstagram or Twitter. (New Zealand, July 2021)

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