Friends also at night

“The Public Health France’s campaign “Friends also at night” is part of a strategy to reduce the risks of alcohol and cannabis consumption in a festive context. Its principle is to put friendship back at the heart of the good practice. Indeed, several studies, including the ARAMIS 2017 survey 4 conducted by the OFDT, show that beyond individual strategies for controlling consumption, protective behaviour within groups of young people has been observed. The friendship between young people would thus be a protective factor in reducing the immediate risks associated with heavy consumption of psychoactive substances.

The campaign compares two moments of the same evening: the beginning of the evening, which goes well because the consumption is “under control” and the moment when things go wrong for a character because of excessive consumption. The slogan concludes: “Taking care of your friends is also doing it at night “.”

Find more from Amis aussi la nuit (France, 2019)

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