Understanding ALCOHOL: How does that effect consent?

“Sexual Assault crime is far too high. This podcast aims to provide in-depth education when it comes to: Sexual assault awareness, Consent, Age, Alcohol, The Law- Definitions And so much more…

Join Byron Dempsey as he interviews Brent Sanders across an eight-episode series that deep dives into this serious topic of sexual assault. Brent Sanders is one of Australia’s most respected communicators in the field of workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination.

One of the hottest topics and a frequently asked question, “what about if both are drunk?” or “what if alcohol is involved?”.

Here Brent dispels these rumours and answers questions like this using easy to understand metaphors and highlighting how alcohol and drugs are never black and white. But we can use simple tests and exercises to aid us.”

Find more from Driven Young (Australia, April 2021)

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