Action week for children of parents with addictions

“Around 100,000 children live in Switzerland with a parent who consumes alcohol or other substance in a problematic manner and who is addicted in a large number of cases. We will give these children a voice! Let’s break the taboo and make the situation and needs of these children visible. Let’s enable them to grow up healthy.

All organizations and institutions in the fields of addiction, family, child and youth protection or related areas are invited to participate by carrying out activities during the week of action from March 8-14, 2021. Organize events or campaigns on the subject of “children of parents with addictions”.”

Find more about the action week HERE (Switzerland, March 2021)

These videos are in Dutch and in German. Enable subtitles (CC) and choose auto-translate from settings.

Renato Kaiser, comedian and satirist 
ambassador for the 2021 action week for German-speaking Switzerland 

“Alcohol is super smooth. We all know them, the insane stories, the funny missteps, the heroics. Also on stage: play a drunk and you have the quick laugh on your side. That’s all well and good and funny. But what if the drunk is the father? Or the mother? And the child needs help? Who will help the child? It is important to give these children a voice.

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