You Choose

“You Choose is a Youth Road Safety Movement challenging people of all ages and backgrounds to reject the misguided notion that unacceptable, reckless driving behaviours are an unfortunate, but normal aspect of youth culture.”

“On December 8, 2012, my own 18-year-old son Jordan chose to drink and drug drive and speed 30 kms over the limit. His choices resulted in his own death and the deaths of four innocent young adults, who were sitting in their broken down car. Naturally my family and I were shattered by grief and also sickened to the core that our cherished Jordan had killed four people through his appalling actions.

Seeking purpose amongst the senselessness and waste, my husband Peter and I formed a not-for-profit organisation called You Choose – Youth Road Safety. Presentations began in 2017, with the mission to engage every Australian school and every Australian youth driver in the formation of an enduring social movement for changed driving behaviours.”

Read further from the Morning Bulletin (Australia, 2020)

And visit You Choose – Road safety

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