Dangers of Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant

“Empirical scientific evidence has long established that the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is associated with significant adverse health consequences for the fetus, and these consequences continue as the child develops. The use of alcohol during any stage of pregnancy is considered to be potentially harmful to the child.

The category of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) is used to describe a broad range of defects to the fetus that are caused by the consumption of alcohol by pregnant women. FASD is considered to be the largest nonhereditary cause of mental retardation. The most severe form of these disorders is fetal alcohol syndrome, which is characterized by:
#Deficiencies in growth
#Facial defects
#Significant central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) impairment that leads to lifelong dysfunction

Children exposed to alcohol in the womb can have other abnormalities that can affect their organs or produce abnormalities of the skeletal system. Organizations like the National Institutes of Health strongly urge pregnant woman not to drink alcohol at any time during pregnancy. Women who find out they are pregnant and have been drinking are urged to stop consuming alcohol immediately and consult with their physician.”

Learn more from alcohol.org
and visit American Addiction Centers (USA, January 2020)

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