Blås Grönt – Safer festivals and events

“Blås Grönt is a cloud service and initiative that opens the door to conversations between young people and adults about alcohol, how to stay together with friends in the evening and how to agree on times for home.

Blås Grönt helps create the conditions for sober, safer and more attractive arrangements by getting young people to want to stay sober. Many organizers offer great prizes to the young people who participate.

Blås Grönt is a way to take responsibility as organizer or municipality. You contribute to society by delaying the alcohol debut in young people and opening the door to conversations between young and adults about alcohol in a natural way.”

Find more from Blås Grönt (Sweden)

For more information about prices, demos and further details on how to use the service, contact: Tobias Mård Phone: +46 (0) 70-650 68 80

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