Slaine – “Do What You Love” ft. Cyrus Deshield

“Boston Hip Hop stalwart Slaine is back with a new video for “Do Wha You Love” featuring Cyrus DeShield, which serves as the album closer on his latest LP One Day. Directed by SandoFilms, the visual tackles Slaine’s journey to sobriety, beginning with several people revealing how long they’ve been sober.

Slaine — who’s been on his own recovery journey for years — penned the song on his one-year sobriety date in an effort to inspire hope and connection.

“That was something I thought was impossible for me and it is actually impossible for me alone,” he tells HipHopDX. “It’s not a me thing, it’s a we thing, which is why I wanted to invite other people in recovery to be in this video with me whether they got twenty years or one day. The idea behind this album is all we ever got is this one day.”

Read more from HIPHOPDx (January 2020)

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