Turn Up For Recovery

“Turn up for Recovery is a charitable movement aiming to raise awareness of abstinence-based recovery, tackle the stigma of addiction and help make treatment affordable to people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

The idea for Turn up for Recovery (TUFR) came to founder, Melia Clapton, while walking her dog. She wanted to tackle the stigma around addiction and alcoholism and raise awareness about the power of abstinence based recovery. It’s a topic very close to her heart, having supported family members throughout their recovery.

Her vision is for an inclusive community of artists, music lovers and those affected by addiction coming together to have a good time, talk about recovery and raise money for others to get the help that they need. Melia announced the movement in September 2019 during Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival in Dallas, Texas. It has been slowly growing ever since.” (Source: WHERE’S ERIC!)

“Addiction can affect anyone. It does not discriminate between class, culture or race. It is universal and it causes chaos and stress wherever it goes. It starts off slowly doing the job it is designed to do – blotting out painful and difficult memories and events. But it is cunning, and creeps up and before long the drugs or alcohol are in control. There are many common factors that addicts share but when they need help they share only one thing – a problem that is difficult to beat, where help can make the difference between life and death. Abstinence based recovery offers a chance to escape the cycle, regain your life and take back control.”

“Abstinence based recovery or ABR means learning to live a normal, contented, fulfilled life free from addiction. Abstinence based recovery encourages complete abstinence from alcohol and drugs except where necessary under medical supervision. ABR aspires to attract people to the notion that they can live completely free from mood altering substances.”

Learn more from Turn Up For Recovery (USA, 2019)

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