Stop addictive advertising

“The media consumer cannot avoid it – the advertising of addictive substances. Advertising flushes over us and is everywhere: in TV, newspapers, outdoors and on social media. A regular advertising break on TV can contain four commercials for games and just as many for wine.

However, there is also a great deal of hidden advertising. Product placements in series and at influencers for example.

Some of the products are completely legal, and can be marketed unrestricted. Rules say they should not be marketed to young consumers, but that does not help.

But, there are the illegal substances, including cannabis. Because advertising cannot be done openly, the industry is focused on disseminating a romantic image of drug use through TV series, films and social media.”

The law prohibits alcohol advertising directed at anyone under 25, but despite this, a young person is exposed to alcohol advertising 13,000 times a year.

Find more from Sweden’s Blue Band Association (Sweden, October 2019)

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