So alcohol is an obstacle to development – we explain

“Many see alcohol as something positive, but most also see the other side in the form of abuse, violence and health problems. It is perhaps in the richer parts of the world that it is most obvious that there are problems associated with alcohol – but it is also a growing problem in many low and middle income countries.

Some of the greatest public health problems in the world are caused by alcohol. Alcohol creates economic problems, both for individuals and communities, and is an important factor to include when working with poverty reduction.

Alcohol limits people’s opportunities for personal development and independence. Alcohol causes people to engage less in politics. People get worse conditions for education, poorer health and increased social problems. A high alcohol consumption leads to economic vulnerability and social vulnerability in both rich and poor countries.

A lower alcohol consumption does not solve all problems with development, but many problems become easier to solve.”

Find more from IOGT-NTO Movement (Sweden, 2019)

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