See the full picture

“Abuse. Neglect. Bereavement. Family breakdown. There can be many triggers which lead to a person facing homelessness, addiction, poor mental health and other complex needs. Help us encourage everyone to #seethefullpicture and reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with Multiple Disadvantage.”

Wednesday 3rd July 2019 – the first ever Multiple Disadvantage Day!

Find more from #seethefullpicture Campaign (UK, July 2019)

Learn about different true stories, like Stephanie´s:

“The unexpected death of her mum, in the flat where she lived was a significant trigger in the development of Stephanie’s needs. Since then Stephanie has struggled with homelessness, addiction, re-offending and mental ill health.

Stephanie was drinking six litres of cider a day. Her addiction had lead to problems such as being arrested for drink driving. She was not engaging with any services to address this. Her physical health then deteriorated because she had stopped eating and had become severely underweight. Stephanie was also diagnosed with depression and anxiety, which she was prescribed medication for. She stopped taking this due to her drinking.”

Read further from HERE

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