THINK! Christmas Drink Drive ad: Time to Tackle

“Young men are heavily overrepresented in drink related accidents, in 2016 there was 280 young men killed or seriously injured due to drink driving. This festive period, a time when social drinking is at it’s peak, we are calling on all mates to step up and intervene, because a mate doesn’t let a mate drink drive. #matesmatter”

“Three new films are being released, based on the award-winning #matesmatter campaign, which last year had the biggest shift in over a decade in young people’s attitudes towards drink driving.

One of the films sees friends in a pub intervene when a man picks up his car keys after he has been drinking, kicking the keys around the venue before they’re taken away by the landlady, who calls for a taxi. Another shows a couple kissing, ignoring everything around them until a man picks up his car keys and goes to leave. The couple break the embrace and the boyfriend kisses the man as the girlfriend takes the keys, and says “Someone’s getting the bus home.”

Read further from GOV.UK (UK, December 2018)

Learn more about the THINK! campaign

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