National Action Day on Alcohol Problems in Switzerland

On May 25, 2023, the National Action Day on Alcohol Problems took place in Switzerland, continuing a long-standing tradition. This event was orchestrated by a consortium composed of the Fachverband Sucht, GREA, Blaues Kreuz Schweiz, and Sucht Schweiz, who all play critical roles in addressing addiction in the country. The event serves as a platform for professionals in the field to plan various actions and publicize existing programs and services to the public.

The theme for this year’s Action Day echoed that of 2014 – “Alcohol Against Stress – Stress with Alcohol.” Given the relevance of this topic in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and other contemporary crises, the focus was especially timely.

To facilitate the success of Action Day, the project consortium provided various resources to the professionals:

  • An action planning concept was offered, designed to inspire and support professionals in becoming actively involved in Action Day. It provided inspiration for different activities, scientific insights about alcohol and stress, and a timeline of crucial dates for implementing Action Day initiatives.
  • As an exclusive offer, Vinca Film sponsored a film named “The Curse” for the professionals to use at non-commercial events during Action Day, making it available free of charge. This provided an excellent opportunity for public engagement.
  • Other aids supplied by the consortium included alcohol quiz cards (already known from the Dialog Weeks), flyers, brochures, and a press release. These materials could be ordered by the end of March.
  • The “Activities” section of the consortium’s website was a platform where professionals could share their activities, inspiring others. Events and actions from the Dry January could be adapted and transferred to the Action Day.

Despite uncertainties surrounding the future of public, national communication about alcohol prevention in Switzerland, the project consortium remained hopeful and was pleased with the execution of the National Action Day on Alcohol Problems.

Looking into the future, it was quite probable that the Dry January initiative could continue until 2025. The occurrence of the National Action Day on Alcohol Problems on May 25, 2023, was a certainty. However, the formats of future campaigns were yet to be determined.

The National Action Day on Alcohol Problems serves multiple purposes:

  • It raises awareness among the public, media, and decision-makers about the specific burdens faced by people with alcohol problems and their families.
  • It addresses collectively taboo topics related to alcohol.
  • It provides a platform for all institutions providing services in prevention, counselling, and therapy for alcohol addiction.
  • Every second year, Action Day is dedicated to a different focus topic.

The project is financially supported by the National Alcohol Prevention Fund, ensuring the sustainability of this important event in Switzerland.

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