Calling time on work drinking culture

In this eye-opening article by Sober Socials, the longstanding tradition of after-work drinks and its impact on employee wellbeing are closely examined. Unravelling the complex relationship between alcohol and workplace culture, the article sheds light on the potential consequences of rewarding staff with “dangerous poison.”

By engaging with leaders from the UK’s sober-curious movement, Sober Socials brings forth alternative perspectives on workplace drinking and highlights the growing trend of sobriety among younger generations. As the call for healthier work environments gains traction, this thought-provoking piece invites us to reexamine how we celebrate our accomplishments and redefine the future of after-work socials.

“The stats speak for themselves:

  • 5% of all workplace absence is alcohol-related
  • 20% of workers have drunk more than they wanted to due to pressure from colleagues
  • 32% of employees have attended work with a hangover in the month
  • 40% of all industrial accidents are linked to substance abuse
  • 50% of all sexual harassment claims involve alcohol.”

Read further from Sober Socials (UK, March 2023). Sober Socials is the UK & Ireland’s leading website for alcohol-free events, news and connection.

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