To make a long story short

“With playful animations, the film clips “To make a long story short” put mental health on the agenda for children and young people. The films are 2-3 minutes long and provide practical tips and knowledge.

In short, the films are a good starting point when you want to put public health and coping with life on the agenda. The films are suitable for children and young people of all ages, and are particularly aimed at children aged 10-15.

“To make a long story short” consists of 50 short film clips, developed in collaboration between, among others, NRK School, Blå Kors, TV Inter, Mental Helse and Høgskolen Innlandet.

Pressure to drink, addiction, stress, sleep and friendship are among the examples of topics covered in the series. See all films here.”

Find more from Blue Cross Norway (Norway, 2019-)

Videos are in Norwegian. For subtitles, enable CC and then choose Auto-translate from Settings.

Video on alcohol:

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