The State of Sober Socializing

The State of Sober Socializing 2023 is an annual study by BARE Zero Proof looking at how the drinking world is responding to the new dry culture.

“The era of boozy brunches, binge drinking, and bottle service has faded away. A new, dry culture has arrived which has unearthed challenges to existing norms of socializing at bars, restaurants, and parties that have been in place since the post-WWII era.

Two-thirds of American adults consciously intended to drink less alcohol in 2022, primarily fueled by health and budget concerns. This mindset, held by 64% of younger consumers (ages 21-30) and 50% of all adults who drink alcohol, will continue into 2023.

That’s almost 100 million people!

It is abundantly clear that mindfulness, moderation, and sobriety are going mainstream, as is consumption of non-alcoholic beer, wine, and spirits.”

Find more from BARE Zero Proof (January 2023). BARE Zero Proof is an alcohol-free beverage brand. “At BARE Zero Proof, we are on a mission to advocate for and support this seismic shift to the new dry culture. We believe that inclusion transcends your choice of drink. All people have the right to make the most of every night out, celebration, concert or game without reservation or embarrassment.”

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