Return home safely after having had a good New Year’s Eve celebration!

As the holiday season approached, the French non-profit organization The Prévention Routière association launched a campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving. On December 10th, volunteers were present in public spaces and shopping centers in several cities across France to provide information and resources to help people plan safe journeys home after celebrating. In Paris, the campaign took place on December 29th.

During the campaign, volunteers offered workshops on the effects of alcohol, including the “alcohol path” workshop which used simulated drunk goggles to demonstrate the effects of alcohol without risking harm. They also offered an “alcohol dose” workshop which compared the alcohol content of drinks served in bars and restaurants with those served at home. In addition, volunteers provided information materials and certified breathalyzer tests.

It was important for people to be aware of the risks of mixing alcohol and driving, particularly for novice drivers who may lose their probationary license if found to be over the legal blood alcohol limit. The legal limit for most drivers in France is 0.5 g/l of blood, or 0.25 mg/l of exhaled air, while the limit for novice drivers, students, and public transportation drivers is 0.2 g/l of blood or 0.1 mg/l of exhaled air.

To ensure a safe return home after celebrating, Bien Rentrer encouraged people to plan ahead and consider using designated drivers or alternative transportation options. For more information on the legal consequences of driving while under the influence of alcohol, the organization provided a downloadable information sheet on their website.

Find more from L’association Prévention Routière (France, December 2022)

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