Drinking? Never drive

The Department of Transport and Main Roads  is launching a new drink-driving campaign this month revealing the potentially deadly aim drinking and driving can create.

Minister for the Department, Mark Bailey said choosing to drink and drive put not only the person at risk, but everyone around them.

“Tragically, in the first six months of this year we lost 37 lives in Queensland from drink driving — that equates to one in every four lives lost on our roads,” Mr Bailey said.

“This is substantially higher than the previous five-year average. It’s just not good enough.”

He said the campaign would put the consequences of drink driving in every individual’s hands.

“We are taking a hard-hitting approach this year, to shock potential drink drivers out of complacency by showing serious and unforgettable consequences,” Mr Bailey said.

“The campaign features a range of consequences right on the alcohol can, with messages such as ‘lose your licence lager’ or ‘job loss bitter’ to show the devastating outcomes of drinking and driving right at the moment of consumption.”

Read further from psnews (Australia, December 2022) and visit StreetSmarts initiative

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