Victim of Drink Drive Collision

“As part of our #WYPTheCost campaign, we spoke to PC Stephen Wales, one of three victims involved a road traffic collision with a drink driver in July 2021, who sustained serious and life-changing injuries.

PC Wales was dealing with an incident, in the morning of the Euro final, on Wakefield Westgate when someone driving under the influence struck him and two members of the public.

Stephen told us how his last seventeen months of day-to-day living have been turned upside down because of the collision. This is due to the long-lasting negative impact it has had on his physical and mental health, his family and friends, and career, which has had to be put on pause.

The driver of the vehicle involved was sentenced to three years, eight months imprisonment and a lengthy driving ban.

Our campaign, which launched on the 21st of November to run through the festive season, aims to warn drivers and motorcyclists of the potentially fatal consequences of people using their vehicle after drinking alcohol or taking drugs.”

Read further from West Yorkshire Police (UK, December 2022)

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