No one plans a crash

“We plan to pick our children up from school.

We plan to be at work in time for a meeting.

We plan to meet our friends at the beach.

But no one plans a crash.

No one plans to kill or seriously injure themselves or someone else when they leave the house.

But the fact is, if you don’t consciously plan a safe journey, you may as well be planning an unsafe one.

The ‘No one plans a crash – make every journey safe’ campaign uses everyday scenarios of a family and a share house of three young friends.

By creating a personal connection to understanding that crashes can easily happen every day, the campaign calls on us all to consider what we can do to make every journey safe. We all have a part to play.

The ‘No one plans a crash – make every journey safe’ campaign highlights a number of everyday tragedies, each of which could have been avoided or had a lower impact if people had made better ‘one-off’ choices.”

Find more from Government of Western Australia, Road Safety Commission (Australia, December 2022)

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