“West Yorkshire Police is warning drivers and motorcyclists of the potentially very serious consequences of using their vehicles after drinking or taking drugs this festive season.

The #WYPTheCost campaign aims to highlight the cost of being convicted of a drink or drug driving offence. This could be spending the new year in a prison cell, costly fines, the loss of your licence and in the worst-case scenario having to live with the knowledge that you have seriously injured or killed someone.

The campaign is being launched with a video featuring Tanya Palmer who was involved in a collision with a suspected drink driver in April 2021 when she was 22-weeks pregnant. Tanya talks about the lasting impact that the collision still has on her now 19 months on. The driver involved was convicted of failing to provide a specimen for analysis for alcohol or drugs and jailed for 12 months and banned from driving for three-and-a-half years.

Inspector Chris Robinson, of the Roads Policing Unit, said: “We talk a lot about the consequences and cost for the offender because it is their behaviour that we need to change, but Tanya’s story really brings it home the impact that drink and drug driving has on other innocent road users. 

“If you’re someone who sometimes drives while over the limit, then I would ask you to think how you would feel if you were involved in a collision with someone like Tanya.

“You might think you are fine to drive or ride your motorcycle after a few pints or taking drugs, but every day we are arresting people with exactly the same mindset. There are many reasons why we conduct breathalyser or drug tests, but it is often because of a drop in the standard of driving or riding or because a collision has occurred.

“Please plan ahead this Christmas and rather than driving or riding your motorcycle, find alternative transport. If your plans change then consider how you will get home. The small inconvenience of having to collect your vehicle the next day far outweighs being arrested and facing a conviction for a drink or drug driving offence.

“If a friend or family member is planning to drive whilst over the limit then please also remind them of the consequences and encourage them to reconsider their plans.”

Find more from West Yorkshire Police (UK, November 2022)

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