RADA is an acronym for Rape, Alcohol, Drug Abuse

“RADA Inspire has announced that it aims to empower individuals to make informed life decisions and assist struggling communities by encouraging them to break the cycle of addiction. During October, the RADA Inspire campaign aims to create awareness around the issue of drug and alcohol addiction and the damaging effect it has on countless lives.

The impact of addiction, whether it be direct or indirect, is extensive and affects every layer of society, says RADA.

According to the RADA, daily circumstances may feel intense and challenging with feelings of being trapped in a spiral due to difficulties at home, work or school.

The NGO adds that these circumstances may lead to a need to escape, possibly making the wrong choices fuelled by peer pressure, only to further complicate your life and impact the lives of others.”

For more information, visit www.rada.co.za (South Africa, October 2022)

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