UNODC Youth Initiative

“UNODC Youth Initiative aims to connect young people from around the globe and empower them to become active in their schools, communities and youth groups for substance use prevention and health promotion. It provides a platform for youth to share their experiences, ideas and creativity, and to get support for creating their own substance use prevention and health promotion activities.”

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The goal of the present handbook is to offer encouragement, examples, rationales and concrete advice on how to increase youth participation in substance use prevention, harnessing the insights of young people on the most important target group in prevention efforts: their peers. It is designed to enable all decision makers to capitalize on the power of youth participation, exploring the full potential of young people as a force for change. The guidance is aimed at leaders in charge of substance use prevention and health promotion efforts at the local, regional, national and international levels. The handbook provides an overview of youth participation and what role it might play in prevention. It seeks to convey the value of evidence-based prevention in building healthy and prosperous communities and societies, and the value of young people as important contributors to prevention efforts. By so doing, it seeks to contribute to the normalization of youth participation in prevention.

HANDBOOK: A participatory handbook for youth drug abuse prevention programmes

Not another handbook! Do we hear many of you say this to yourself as you sit down to go through this volume? Why another one? Well, let us start by spelling out our reasons for developing this handbook and hopefully, by the time you’ve reached the end of this section, you will realize that this is NOT just another handbook. Substance abuse as a social phenomenon is all the more worrisome because of its prevalence among youth. Over the last two decades or so, countries all over the world have seen an alarming rise in the incidence of substance abuse amongst the most productive and crucial section of their populations.

Youth Initiative Magazine 2022

The UNODC Youth Magazine represents a collaborative effort between participating youth and reflects the input in the field of Substance Use prevention. UNODC is committed to empowering and providing youth with a platform to explore solutions to the world drug problem.

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