Who’s in Charge?

“A new campaign launches today across Frimley Health and Care – covering East Berkshire, Surrey Heath, Farnham and North East Hampshire – aimed at reducing sudden and unexpected deaths in infancy.

“Who’s in Charge?” is a response to the latest figures published by the Government, showing that babies dying suddenly and unexpectedly represent one of the largest groups of cases notified to a national child safeguarding panel.

There were 40 notifications between June 2018 and August 2019 and almost all these tragic incidents involved parents sleeping together with babies, often after drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

Debbie Hartrick, Director of Safeguarding at NHS Frimley, said: “Babies are extremely vulnerable and are highly dependent on those around them for their wellbeing and their safety.

“If you have a baby or young child and you are planning to drink alcohol, have a conversation with your partner or other adults present about Who’s in Charge and responsible for your child. Consider this in the same way we are used to agreeing who is driving and will be staying sober; these safety guidelines help ensure everyone has a good time!””

Read further from Frimley Health and Care (UK, August 2022)

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