The true cost of your drink

“The UK’s largest independent road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart, is today warning motorists of the severe financial penalty they could face as the consequence of a drink drive conviction.

The charity has calculated that the personal financial cost of drink driving could be as high as £70,000 or more when taking into account fines, legal fees, higher car insurance premiums, alternative transport costs and potential loss of earnings following conviction.

IAM RoadSmart’s research team found that costs following a drink drive conviction now include: fines of £5,000, although since these are now unlimited this could be much more; legal fees of £11,000 which is the average following conviction after a not-guilty plea; increased insurance premiums of £13,500 over five years after a driving disqualification; £2,000 for taxi and public transport costs for alternative transport during a ban; and £38,500 loss of earnings for 15 months following a conviction, based on an average UK salary.”

Find more from IAM RoadSmart (UK, 2020)

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